Hermes Spring/Summer 2014 Scarves Design Reference Guide


Presenting the Hermes Scarves for Spring/Summer 2014 Collection. Hermes theme for this collection is “Metamorphoses of Object“.Some of the designs are now available in Hermes Online Store and boutiques, while the rest of the collection will be out by late January or February 2014. Pictured below are the new designs for Spring / Summer 2014 and the listing for re-issued colorways of existing designs.

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Della Cavalleria, De La Mer Au Ciel, Faune Lettree, Les Faeties de Pegase, Rose de Compas,Ex-Libris a Carreaux, Le Jardin de Leila, Bouquets Sellier, Claude Viallat

Not pictured: Chefs Indiens, Le Voyage de Phyteas, Le Bal de Oiseaux

Brandebourgs, Coup de Fouet, Ballet Aquatique, Casques et Plummets, Les Voitures Nouvelles, Festival des Amazones, 1001 H, Hermes a Beverly Hills,Brides de Gala, Hermes Sport, Mors et Gourmettes, Cavalcadour, Un Jardin sur le Toit, Cheval Fleuri, Ex Libris Tartan, Caleche, Elastique, Etriers, Mythiques Phoenix, Les Zebres, Jungle Love, Ballet Aquatique, Songe de la Licorne, Au Coeur de la Vie, Carré en Carrés.

Replica Hermes Bags – Hermes Kelly Design

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So here we are again, we’re continuing on our quest to provide more information about Hermes handbags. So far we’ve gone over the Hermes Birkin bag, and today we will be talking about another designer handbag which has gained quite the status over the years. Like the Hermes Birkin, the Kelly is loved by many celebrities and non-celebrities across the globe. It looks quite similar to the Birkin, but once you take a closer look (or become obsessed with Hermes bags like I am) then it becomes easier to differentiate between the two. Check out Miroslava Duma, above, and Rachel Bilson below showing off their Hermes Kelly bags!

The Hermes Kelly bag was originally called ‘sac à dépêches’ before being renamed the Hermes Kelly (after Grace Kelly) after the actress used this particular designer bag to hide her pregnancy from photographers. Like the Birkin, the Kelly bag comes in a wide variety of colors, and also is created using many different types of materials; including calf, buffalo, and lambskin leathers, just to name a few. This designer bag remains at the top of many people’s most wanted lists, including my own! However, the price of an Hermes Kelly designer bag is very much out of my comfort zone.

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Don’t forget to look out for our next post which will tell all about the Hermes Constance bag!

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