Street Snaps Chanel Coco Boy Wallet On Chain

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You need to see this.

Hello Chanel Coco Boy Wallet on Chain, please be mine!

Released for the Spring Summer 2015 Act 1, the Coco Boy design is one of a kind – well actually, it’s a blend between chevron and quilted. Two of the best prints crafted in one bag. I am speechless.

Because we did not get too much reaction last time, we wanted you to see the bag in its true colors. And what is better than a phone snap? Well, much better than model pictures.

Check out the gorgeous boy clasp on the front, made smaller than the original version to look more feminine. It comes with interwoven chain links and they are even in black and orange/red.

Small bag are perfect as everyday bag, they are tiny and easy to carry and move from one spot to another, without getting tired.

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Honestly, its gorgeous right? (made from calfskin)

Size: 4.8 x 7.5 x 1.5


Chanel New Cruise 2015 Handbags


Imagine you enter the Chanel Boutique, all of your favorite handbags from the Cruise 2015 Collection at your fingertips, but you cannot take them all home, you have to choose.

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Though we’re experience a cold January, you don’t mind stocking those Camellia Slippers in your wardrobe. Keep them warm and safe, then take them out when the summer starts and flaunt together with your favorite Chanel handbag.

Or a tote bag, just like this new Chanel Quilted Tote in Pink, embellished with silver CC logo on the front and it comes with interwoven chain link for shoulder or hand carry. A size perfect if you need to store a lot, it’s as good as the Grand Shopping Tote.


Then there’s the new Chanel Flap Bag in blue, what a beauty. And on the right are two Boy Flap Bags sitting next to each other.

Presenting two more Chanel Boy Bags in multicolor, the first one is in tweed with red edges, very attractive. The second one is in brown with golden hardware.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know.


Pictures courtesy of: Luxuryfashiontrip

Good quality and low price:

The Chanel possibilities…

It goes without saying that if you are a bag lover, Chanel will be second on your wish list after Hermes.

I was in a Chanel store last week with one of my clients to pick her first ever Chanel bag, her very exciting Christmas gift from her husband. Of course it had to be a 2.55… We tried on 2 bags to match her needs: the “sac classique” flap bag in lambskin, jumbo size?and the 2.55 re-issue in vintage leather, size 227. Both sporting gold hardware (of course!)

2 bags from the same range with many similar caracteristics but somehow ?totally different…

The decision was easily made for us on this occasion as the vintage feel of the re-issue 2.55 with its “Mademoiselle” lock was perfectly suited for my client.?

However with 6 different sizes, a large panel of colours and countless seasonal additions, it takes a fashion amazon to find one’s way amongst the 2.55 world!!!?Who said Birkins and Kellies were so complicated…

So well done to all of you proud owners of Chanel 2.55! If you are looking to purchase your first chanel 2.55 this beautiful brand new classic lambskin is available from the Lilac Blue website (just under retail price!)