A Replica Hermes For Those Bright Days

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Now that the cold is moving in (and believe me, it was very cold in my neck of the woods today) I find that it’s easier to gravitate to the lack of colour in your wardrobe. Sure, winter can be filled with great jewel tones and rich hues, but I always end up reaching for charcoal instead. I thought today I might want to liven up my designer handbag selection (Liven – Lively, get it!) with a bright orange Hermes Birkin bag carried by Blake Lively (shown above). So let’s lose the winter blues for the day and focus on some bright Hermes handbags instead!

Going with the theme of the day, check out the bright pink Hermes bag (carried by Victoria Beckham) below. I’m not the type of girl who initially goes for pink, but I am loving the vibrant color on this drab, cold day! Also, check out the gorgeous Kate Upton (also below) being photographed with a great bright orange Hermes Kelly bag. Wow, just looking at these designer bags is enough to make my day that much better, but do you know what would help even more – actually buying these bags!

Although I’m not living in poverty, it just doesn’t make sense to drop so much money on a handbag, even if it does come with the name Hermes Paris. A replica Hermes bag, like this one http://tinyurl.com/pmj97nn?is only a fraction of the price compared to the real thing! Hermes replica handbags are my favourite way to look my best while still staying comfortable with my budget. Who knew that you could look like a million bucks without spending it? I did, that’s who!

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