The Chanel possibilities…

It goes without saying that if you are a bag lover, Chanel will be second on your wish list after Hermes.

I was in a Chanel store last week with one of my clients to pick her first ever Chanel bag, her very exciting Christmas gift from her husband. Of course it had to be a 2.55… We tried on 2 bags to match her needs: the “sac classique” flap bag in lambskin, jumbo size?and the 2.55 re-issue in vintage leather, size 227. Both sporting gold hardware (of course!)

2 bags from the same range with many similar caracteristics but somehow ?totally different…

The decision was easily made for us on this occasion as the vintage feel of the re-issue 2.55 with its “Mademoiselle” lock was perfectly suited for my client.?

However with 6 different sizes, a large panel of colours and countless seasonal additions, it takes a fashion amazon to find one’s way amongst the 2.55 world!!!?Who said Birkins and Kellies were so complicated…

So well done to all of you proud owners of Chanel 2.55! If you are looking to purchase your first chanel 2.55 this beautiful brand new classic lambskin is available from the Lilac Blue website (just under retail price!)

Blue… is a Christmas colour!

Blue… is a Christmas colour!

The Hermes Bleu Izmir and Bleu de Galice are very sophisticated colours.? These two sought after beauties are very similar blues, so if you are looking for the Bleu de Galice but cannot find one the Bleu Izmir? will work almost equally well in any setting. Olivia posted photos of the two blues for comparison, check them out. Lots of Hermes-bag-lovers are looking for blue colours, is this the new Christmas colour?

Now the Bleu Saphyr, that surely is a must have for those of you who adore blue hues.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is almost upon us (31st January), why not have one of these stunning bags to bring you good luck throughout the year of the Horse?? Red, corresponding with fire, symbolizes good fortune and joy and is found everywhere during Chinese New Year as well as at other holidays and family gatherings.? Choose from the 35cm Rouge Casaque Birkin in Togo or the 35cm Rouge Vermilion Birkin, both with Gold Hardware or for something even more special this 35cm Rouge Porosus Crocodile Birkin with Silver Hardware.

35cm Rouge Vermilion

35cm Rouge Casaque Birkin 35cm Rouge Casaque Birkin

Hermes Convoyeur – Beyond the ‘B’, ‘K’ and ‘L’

Hermes Convoyeur

From the Fall / Winter 2013 collection, the Hermes Convoyeur is Hermes’ newest offering of what I would call as ‘classic revisited’. Trust Hermes to take on a classic rigid Doctor bag and make it into a potential daily bag without losing an ounce of class while at it. Hermes’ understatement and logo-less approach in design might have secured its position on the apex of the leather goods pyramid but the iconic shape of its most popular bags make them status symbols despite the absence of obvious logo display. The Convoyeur bag is still the new comer among Hermes bags but I won’t be surprised if it gains quick popularity. If you are already feeling this bag then head down to Hermes Takashimaya in Singapore as there is one already on display for the past one month. That is, if the SA does not play the highly played “not for sale” game with you.

Image is courtesy of Hermes

Having Fun With Replica Hermes

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If you missed last week’s posts, then it would be a good choice to catch up -here- since we are having a great time with this informative series of Hermes handbags. We have already taken a closer look at the Hermes Birkin bag, as well as the Hermes Kelly, so you might want to check out those posts before you continue. Are we all caught up now? Great! Today we are going to be getting down to the nitty gritty about one of my personal fave Hermes bags, the Hermes Constance bag! Check out Mary Kate Olson, above and Rachel Bilson below with their Hermes Constance handbags and see just what you have been waiting for!

Sure, Hermes carries wonderful designer bags, and their price points certainly reflect how high demand these bags are. In my opinion, the Hermes Constance bag is the ‘most fun’ Hermes bag, with its rounded shape, bright colors, and cute and compact style. Sure, other Hermes designer bags are works of art, but I feel like the Constance is the little sister bag, but not in an immature way – if that makes any sense. This great handbag comes in four sizes (including the wider ‘Elan’), so it isn’t hard to find the one that’s right for you!

Dreaming of having one of these all to yourself? Well, that would be a little more reasonable if Hermes bags were affordable to the average Jane. However, replica Hermes handbags are the perfect way to get the style you want at a price point you need! Check out this link a replica Hermes bag and see how much you can save by switching to Hermes replica handbags!

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Replica Hermes Bags Help You Set Yourself Apart from the Crowd

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I hope you all are enjoying this series where we take a look at the many Hermes handbags as much as I am writing it! If you need a refresher, you can go back to the beginning –here- since we have already covered so much! The Birkin, the Kelly, the Constance and the Evelyn have all been explored so far, and I think it’s about time to get this party started! (so to speak) Check out Teresa Giudice, above and Reese Witherspoon below carrying the next Hermes bag on my list to chat about, the Hermes Garden Party Tote! Are you excited? Well you should be!

I’m actually surprised that this is not one of the most coming Hermes bags (or at least one of them). To tell you the truth, I rarely see celebs carry this Hermes designer bag at all! I love the round shape to this bag, and that it isn’t as structured or architectural like many other Hermes handbags, which actually may be why this bag doesn’t sell as much as the top tier Hermes designer handbags. Regardless of that, this is still one of my favourite bags from Hermes Paris, and I would gladly tote one around myself!

Well that would be possible if I could actually afford one of these exquisite bags (I’m sure many of you are having the same problem)! However, I do have a way to get Hermes style for less! Hermes replica handbags are designed to look and feel just like the real thing – at only a fraction of the cost! Just check out this link a replica Hermes bag and see for yourself how much you can save just by buying replica Hermes handbags!

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A Replica Hermes For Those Bright Days

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Now that the cold is moving in (and believe me, it was very cold in my neck of the woods today) I find that it’s easier to gravitate to the lack of colour in your wardrobe. Sure, winter can be filled with great jewel tones and rich hues, but I always end up reaching for charcoal instead. I thought today I might want to liven up my designer handbag selection (Liven – Lively, get it!) with a bright orange Hermes Birkin bag carried by Blake Lively (shown above). So let’s lose the winter blues for the day and focus on some bright Hermes handbags instead!

Going with the theme of the day, check out the bright pink Hermes bag (carried by Victoria Beckham) below. I’m not the type of girl who initially goes for pink, but I am loving the vibrant color on this drab, cold day! Also, check out the gorgeous Kate Upton (also below) being photographed with a great bright orange Hermes Kelly bag. Wow, just looking at these designer bags is enough to make my day that much better, but do you know what would help even more – actually buying these bags!

Although I’m not living in poverty, it just doesn’t make sense to drop so much money on a handbag, even if it does come with the name Hermes Paris. A replica Hermes bag, like this one only a fraction of the price compared to the real thing! Hermes replica handbags are my favourite way to look my best while still staying comfortable with my budget. Who knew that you could look like a million bucks without spending it? I did, that’s who!

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We’ve Come A Long Way With Hermes Replica Handbags

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Nicole Richie has come a long way over the years. I remember when I first noticed her (back so long ago it feels like I was still in diapers) she was known as Paris Hilton’s chubby and outrageous friend on the Simple Life, (which I’m not ashamed to say I did watch) and now she has transformed into a chic and stylish woman. Her designer handbag collection far surpasses my wildest dreams and I love that Nicole wears her handbags proudly. She certainly is loyal to a few brands, Hermes Paris being one of them, and likes to wear her black Hermes Birkin bag very frequently (you can see the bag, shown above and below this post).

Nicole is all grown up now and has a family of her own, a handbag fashion line (House of Harlow 1960) and it looks as if she will continue to be looking for success in the future. I personally am partial to the all-black Hermes bag that she is carrying. Black just seems so perfect for the sleek and sophisticated Hermes brand (and designer bags in general). That’s my opinion, anyway!

If you’re looking to kick your own style up a notch (or several) then you may want to invest in Hermes replica handbags. A replica Hermes bag, like this replica Birkin a great way to get designer style at an affordable price. Just check out the link to see how much you can save just buy buying replica Hermes handbags!

If you could buy an Hermes designer bag, which color would you choose? Comment below and tell me what your style is!

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Replica Hermes On The Hot List

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It’s party season and I’m in the mood to celebrate! Well, it is only the holiday season once a year and I am pretty excited to do some much needed socializing! My days are filled with way too much social media and nights in on the couch watching Netflix so I am welcoming all of the invites and reasons to wear my best outfits (why else would I want to go out other than to show of my hot style!) I am missing one thing, however, and I am practically beside myself knowing that it is now attainable! Okay, perhaps I should elaborate on this, since you probably have no idea what I’m talking about, so I’ll get to it! I’ve been lusting over a specific Hermes bag, the Hermes Medor clutch, for so long now! Check it out, above, carried by stylist Rachel Zoe. Well as you may know, I can’t afford Hermes handbags (like many people in the world) so buying this was pretty much out of the question. This has been one of the Hermes bags on my most wanted list for a long time, and I am so excited to tell you that I’m going to be able to buy one! I know right!

Okay, I can’t buy a real one, but it is now on my favourite website to buy Hermes replica handbags! You can get yours too by going to this link –– Yes, a replica Hermes bag is much more affordable than the real thing, which makes me happy to be able to get Hermes style on a budget! Replica Hermes handbags are some of my most favorite things, and if you love these designer handbags then maybe they should be your faves too!

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