Celine Twisted Cabas, the world can be put in it

Someone says: if you do not know which brands may reflect your taste, then you can choose LV; But when you do not need, Celine is no doubt a super choice. Although you wear simple T-shirt and jeans in the street, a kind of Celine handbag expresses your special aura, something like charming magic with mystery.

Celine twisted cabas, which hold two different leather and colors seaming, adjust the length by knotting. Almost every details as if write delicate declaration. Moreover, there are 8 types modelling to match the twisted cabas  in the fashion show. So how much preference is Phoebe Philo .

You may not fall in love with twisted cabas, but you will be not give up when you catch the second glance definitely. She keeps understament and does not stand out , but she will not be overwhelmed among the crowed.

May these beauties of calm

Until come cross Celine

Everything is satisfied. 


The TRI-FOLD shoulder bag in supple natural calfskin.

Leather laces on the sides that can be used to secure the central compartment.

Leather laces in the top front and back that can be used close the bag.

Three separated compartments, including one with zipper closure on top.

Material: calfskin and split calfskin lining.


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